Apto-Gen is pleased to be the exclusive authorized distributor of Azura Genomics Inc. in the UK. Azura Genomics develops new generation PCR and Real-Time PCR systems which deliver best-in-class sensitivity, speed, yield and ease-of use for the Life Science Research market. Our objective is to enable our customers to achieve greater reproducibility and superior results whilst minimizing the handling, pipetting steps and tedious optimization which is associated with traditional molecular biology applications.

Our proprietary, innovative reagent formulations are optimized to reduce experimental variance and are ideally suited to stringent PCR assays in the areas of gene expression, genotyping, colony PCR and crude sample PCR.

AzuraView GreenFast qPCR Blue Mixes

The Ultra-Stable 2x qPCR Mix
  • Excellent reproducibility of Ct values over a broad dynamic range
  • Exceptional stability of 30 days at room termperature
  • Industry-leading sensitivity with low-copy targets
  • Contains a blue tracer dye to simplify pipetting and PCR plate set-up